Midhurst Curtain Maker -

                             ''Many,many thanks for a superb job!
                                         Cushions all look fab !''
                      ''Thank you so much.  The blinds look beautiful.
                      We are thrilled.  Thank you also for managing to
                       make the cushion covers out of the extra fabric''
                      ''Thank you for making the pretty curtain for us''
          ''Thank you so much, as ever,  for your wonderful, wonderful hard work!
         Everything you have done for us so far  (you can't escape yet!)  is beautiful
         and I am absolutely thrilled.
                     ''Thanks for the blinds. See you in a while for the curtains!''
                 ''Thank you so much for the cushions.  I'm not entirely convinced by
                  my choices of clashing colours, but they are beautifully made and we
                  are very pleased with the finish!''
                           ''The curtains are absolutely perfect, thank you so much.
                                   I hope its not too long before we see you again''
               ''I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you did making our
           curtains.  They are beautiful and we are delighted.  They transform the room.
                     From start to finish,  you and your team have been wonderful. 
                 Your time and advice at the beginning was very much appreciated
                                      and made the whole thing a lot easier.
                It was wonderful not to have to worry about anything and just enjoy
                         the finished product. Please thank  Mary and her husband, 
                                  it was such a hot day when they were fitting them
                           and they showed nothing but good humour throughout.''
                                     "I wanted to say a special thank you from me.
                    I was asked by Charles to organise the curtains and without your 
                                      help and input it would have been very hard.
                              You delivered the curtains when you said you would
                          and gave me clear instructions and back up when needed.
                 The quality of your work is impressive and Charles is over the moon!
                                                         Well done and thank you

                           " Thank you so very much for all the work that you have
                               done on our new curtains , we are absolutely delighted.
                              You have made them quite beautifully, they hang superbly
                              and the details of the work you have done is brilliant.
                              I am finding myself making quite unnecessary journeys
                                      through the house just to admire the curtains!